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A German Explores...

what could possibly go wrong?


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Well, if you know anything about Germans, you’ll be savvy to the fact that pretty much everything is bound to get screwed up. As a German, I’m genetically predestined to over-analyze everything I run into, find fault (and I will find fault), and then write an order book full of complaints. However, those complaints will be perfectly structured. Promise.

But let’s face it, the world is screwed up in so many ways. It should be OK to point out a fault here and there. Right?

So let me introduce myself. I’m Alex, short for Alexander.

No, of course this is not my real name! There’s so much crap going on on the Internet, why would I post my real name? I do like the name though. At some point my parents even considered it but then went a different route. So call me Alex – or Ishmael if you prefer, but I don’t react quite as well to that one. Different story… (Bonus points if you got the reference. But for the record, the greatest American novel ever written is still The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, hah!)

My world right now is Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I came here by way of many detours, but in the end there’s a woman to blame (yep, song reference this time). The woman used to be my wife, but no more. You all are now my public therapy group. Thank you for stopping by!

So what the hell am I exploring, you may ask. And what benefit will you get from it?

That’s an excellent question! (Don’t you hate when people say that to you? In school, at a public hearing, from a sales person, at a first date…)

Obviously this blog is about exploration. It’s by me and for me. I will not lie. But if there’s a trinket here and there that you find valuable, I’ll be thrilled.

My explorations will be about anything big and small; mostly small I fear. The little pleasures of life if you will. Actually, I wanted to call the blog that, but the domain was already taken.

So you’ll find cute videos, not of cats but of the silly squirrels that play in the trees in my backyard. I’ll talk about putting together a single household after a divorce, how to upgrade your fridge, buy the perfect point-and-shoot camera, and about dating and women, of course.

Yes, there will also be travel and road-trip accounts, which is probably what the name of the site implies to most of you.

By now you can clearly tell that I have no plan whatsoever for this blog. But fear not, German structure will prevail eventually. Stereotypes come from somewhere, and they don’t call us anal retentive for nothing. I’ve been called worse.

Enjoy my bits of superfluous wisdom on these pages, and if you find fault with what I say, if you think you may have a better approach than me to any of the problems I’ll bring up (albeit I find the mere thought quite amusing), or if you just like to say hello, please make plentiful use of the comment section.

If you don’t know how to behave in that comment section – or worse, are a cyber bully – I will send my big brother after you.

So long for now everyone. Be safe! And don’t do anyone I wouldn’t do.



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